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Asset Protection

Asset Protection

When asked what their most important assets are, most business owners initially think of business assets. Yes, they are valuable to every business, but it's the intellectual capital provided by the key people, like you and your business associates, that typically makes these assets generate the business' profits. One of the most imortant assets of a business are the key people, and their continued contribution is critical to the long term success of any business.

The Problem

Material things can always be replaced or repaired but a key person's death or disablement can result in a financial loss more disastrous than any loss of, or damage to, physical assets. When a key person dies, or is permanently disabled, they're lost to the business forever, which can create immediate financial problems for the business.

Asset Sale

Without the security provided by the key person, the business may be to sell assets to maintain cashflow if creditors press for payment and debtors hold back payment. Customers and suppliers may not feel confident in the trading capacity of the business, and its credit rating could fall if lenders are not prepared to extend the credit.. Outstanding loans owed by the business to the key person may also be called up for immediate repayment.

The Solution

Asset protection can provide the business with enough cash to preserve its asset base so it can repay debts, free up cashflow and maintain its credit standing if a business owner or loan guarantor dies or is disabled.


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