Business Succession and Transition / Growing or Going
2009 by Nexus Wealth Management

Nexus offered a business succession solution where relevant responsibilities were outsourced to Nexus which included liaising, facilitating and educating with and between all necessary parties to ensure the above objectives were met.

Employer of Choice
November 2011 by Nexus Wealth Management

A West Australian owned and operated company that specialises in heavy equipment needed to identify and introduce new and attractive measures to new and for current employees. Their immediate need was to attract and retain good people and ensure their staff felt valued and engaged.

Private Wealth Financial Planning
2013 to Current by Nexus Wealth Management

In order to identify, construct and deliver high level advice, our advice process covered 4 major stages where we were able to confirm actions and ensure accountability from all parties, resulting in the best outcomes for our clients.

Strategic Advice Committees
November 2011 by Nexus Wealth Management

We established a forum for ongoing strategic meetings and provided advice and strategy with key accountability for the outcomes that needed to be achieved. Meeting minutes were documented with all resulting tasks delegated to an appropriate person for completion. We also project managed matters arising from Advice Committee meetings by creation of an action plan and confirmation of implementation.

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