Begin With The End In Mind

Steve Coveys second habit is “Begin with the end in mind” – this means every decision we make in business should be made considering our ultimate exit strategy. “Begin with the end in mind” – sounds really simple but unfortunately most people lose sight of the strategic management of their business – and this vital habit end sup not being followed by business owners who are so entrenched running their…  Read more

The Effect of Good Professional Advice

When it comes to professional advice, everyone is different. Some want confirmation on the decisions they’ve already made. Or they may want a professional mentor who can help them with every financial decision. In the same way as you might go and see a doctor when you are unwell, you may consider going to see a professional for advice if you have financial issues that you may need to address.…  Read more

Knowing your WHY can help you act with purpose

People, clients buy WHY you do things and it is critical to attract clients who believe in the same things as what you do. By understanding who your business services and the results that your business generates for your clients, allows you to truly understand your WHY and WHY your business exists. It creates the culture in your business that motivates your clients and employees to stay by your side…  Read more

Delivering the How – the Strategy and the Tactics

It’s impossible for anyone to solve a puzzle if they are missing pieces. The road to prosperity is littered with the corpses of businesses who simply were not aware of or armed with the necessary tools to achieve success. The road to success can be achieved, when businesses clearly understand and identify all of the elements needed to complete the puzzle and effectively execute the grand plan. Clearly understanding your…  Read more

Creating Value Comes First

Many people feel as if they’re adrift in the world. They work hard, but they don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile. Before wealth and assets can be managed and protected, they must be created. Too much of financial planning focuses on the investment and management of funds yet fails to build and manage the long-term viability of the very strategies needed to create the assets. We’ve all seen fortunes come…  Read more

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