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November 2011 by Nexus Wealth Management

WHY (the challenge)

A West Australian owned and operated company that specialises in heavy equipment needed to identify and introduce new and attractive measures to new and for current employees. Their immediate need was to attract and retain good people and ensure their staff felt valued and engaged.

Case Study HOW (our tactics and strategy)

In order to identify, construct and deliver high level advice, our advice process covered 4 major stages where we were able to confirm actions and ensure accountability from all parties, resulting in the best outcomes for our clients.

Nexus structured a strategy that combined a creative Salary continuance program, a structured Corporate Superannuation platform, combined with a range of ongoing workshops and one-on-one sessions with staff (as requested) for all eligible employees.

Utilizing the latest solutions available, Nexus recommended a new Corporate Superannuation and Salary Continuance plan. This allowed for Simplified Superannuation administration- saving time and creating efficiencies.

The full details of the plan, why it was recommended and how it compares with other industry plans was explained in length.

The plan was also structured so as to provide agreed auto-acceptance levels for Salary Continuance, Life and Total & permanent Disability cover

Nexus provided a specialist adviser that attended the company’s’ offices periodically to conduct induction training to new staff on the benefits of the Employee Benefits package.

This also gave an introduction and addressed some of the more commonly asked questions regarding superannuation and personal financial queries.

Individuals then had the option to request (at no charge) a one-on-one session with a specialist adviser to review their personal circumstances and what’s important to them.

Personalised yearly progress meetings were offered for staff who elected to have Personal Financial Advice and strategy in relation to the following key areas;

  • Financial Management – Cash Flow – Entity structures – Taxation
  • Risk Management – Personal and business protection
  • Investment Management – Passive or active
  • Wealth Creation – Cash, Property and Shares
  • Debt Management – Effective and efficient disentanglement of assets and debt restructuring
  • Estate Management – Personal Wills and EPOA

WHAT (the outcome)

Today, the WA company is able to support and develop its staff and is committed to the work/ life blend, diversity and employee engagement. The Directors have peace of mind in that their staff are taken care of in the case of the unforeseen and that we continue to help them protect and extend their employees wellbeing, so that they can face the future with confidence. The company has come away with us understanding what’s important to them, being able to put all of their issues on the table, receive advanced strategy considerations, with an agreement and documented action plan and facilitate all agreed services with induction workshops, also annual staffing and payroll review.

Red Ready Responsible
This is based on a real client experience. Names and details have been changed. This advice may not be suitable to your requirements. Please consult with a financial planner to discuss your requirements.

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