Case StudyThe Advice Process

We understand this. In order to identify, construct and deliver high level advice, we continue to work with you to ensure that our advice is maintained over time and continues to meet your business and personal financial objectives.

Our advice covers 4 major stages where we confirm actions and ensure accountability from all parties, resulting in the best outcomes for our clients


At Nexus we lead clients through a Discovery process that ensures any advice given, is tailor-made. The process is comprehensive, addressing all aspects of our client’s financial well-being. We ask the right questions relating to what is most important to you, gain an in-depth understanding of your goals and your current financial situation. We ensure that we can add value prior to offering any valuable advice


Nexus designs and develops a strategy, whilst working with our strategic alliance network, to maximise your chances of achieving your goals. We then provide you with a fixed cost proposal outlining the strategies, services and time line for delivery


Upon acceptance of the proposal, you are provided with your complete in-depth strategy plan. It is key that you have a complete understanding of the recommendations. We work with you to successfully implement all of our recommendations and conduct review meetings to go over the changes. For ongoing services, we provide you with a 12-month fixed cost service agreement outlining the services and time line for delivery


Regular meetings and contact points are conducted to ensure you are maximising your outcomes. We discuss the advice and strategy that is still relative and further identify any new goals as original outcomes are achieved. Any changes are agreed upon in an updated action plan

Advice Map

Full Advice Process

Integral to the successful implementation of our advice is the Nexus Wealth Management Advice Map. This map outlines the different contact points of our advice, where we confirm actions and accountability, and this enables clients to easily establish the progress of their advice.

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