Advice Commitees

Nexus offers a strategic management facilitation process whereby we work with you and the other Key Stakeholders of the business, to table and address ongoing issues affecting the business and its shareholders.
Nexus will establish a forum for ongoing quarterly management meetings. These meetings are designed to provide ongoing direction in the areas of strategic growth and management as well as provide advice and strategy with key accountability to deliverable wished to be achieved.
Meeting minutes are documented with all resulting tasks delegated to an appropriate responsible person for completion.

  • Co-ordinate, facilitate and chair Strategic Meetings
  • Liaise with Accountants, Lawyers and other Strategic Partners as and when required
  • Project manage matters arising from Advice Committee meetings by creation of action plan and confirmation of implementation
  • Review of the risk management strategy in line with company goals and objectives
  • Support business development via the provision of consultative services and strategic advice in the six key areas;
    • Financial Management – Cash Flow, Taxation & Entity Structures
    • Risk Management
    • Investment Management (Including Self-Managed Super Fund) – Profiling and Participation Level
    • Wealth Creation – Transfer of Wealth, Strategies & Growth Assets
    • Debt Management – Efficiency & Flexibility
    • Estate Management – Business Succession
  • Provide guidance and chairmanship of process
    Facilitate discussions on strategy and considerations in the six key areas for the Business and its Shareholders

Business Succession & Transition

Nexus can provide and maintain (in conjunction with the relevant accountant & solicitor) a Business Succession and Transition Plan which best suits the ongoing business direction and its Shareholders. Facilitation of the entire Business Succession and Transition process by liaising and educating with and between all necessary parties to ensure your stated objectives are met, and all trigger events for succession are confirmed. Nexus will liaise with your accountant and lawyer to establish appropriate business succession and transition documentation (shareholders agreement and business succession agreement) based on the valuation mechanism used and an agreed business value which has factored personal and company tax implications. A Business Succession and Transition Plan provides regulation to the sale and purchase of an individual’s business equity and will incorporate:

  • Partnership/Shareholders Agreement
    • Buy/Sell Agreement
    • Funding Mechanisms
    • Profit Share/Dividend Policy
  • Confirmation and documentation of capital and revenue requirements for the succession
  • Key person protection for the business
  • Key person personal debt entanglement
  • Confirmation and documentation of an appropriate Exit Strategy

Business Risk Management

For many of our clients their biggest asset is their business so it is of the upmost importance that it is protected in the event of the unforseen. Nexus can provide Business Risk Management solutions that are designed to protect the business should anything happen to any of the key people or owners of the business. Nexus will work with your Accountant and Lawyer to ensure that all business risk management strategies are suitable for firstly the business and the stake holders of the business.

Employer of Choice

Nexus offers to identify a new and attractive way for employers to design a strategy to attract and retain good employees. The structure is creative and has the benefit of creating positive financial outcomes for employees and can be tailored to gain efficiency in the administration of your business.
The foundation of this program is:

  • Superannuation
  • Life Insurance with Total and Permanent Disability, group discounts
  • Group Salary Continuance
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Management

Part of these services are designed to offer efficiencies of superannuation payment processing and also offer all employees benefits such as automatic acceptance for Life, TPD and Income Protection insurances. Employer of Choice packages offer great benefits to both employers and employees and are used by our clients as a tool for attaching and maintaining staff.
Nexus will coordinate and facilitate yearly reviews of your Employer of Choice program. We will provide your employees ongoing information about the plan and we will ensure that the plan is appropriate for your business and your employees. Ongoing information sessions will be provided by Nexus to employees to ensure that they understand the employer of choice program’s benefits. Nexus can provide additional personal financial planning service upon request for employees.

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