A Few Client Comments

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“Brian has given myself and my husband advise in areas including retirement and pensions also wills and estate planning. Brian was usually able to explain things in a clear way. I feel confident that the advice is right for us at present. We always receive Brian’s full care and attention when we most need it.”

“Brian and his team are helping us transition into retirement and are happy so far with their advice and strategies.”

“Brian has become a trusted adviser and confidant of HFE & AC and K Group – and provided terrific support, advice and mediation over many years.”

“Brian always makes sure we completely understand everything before we leave a meeting with him. We have used Brian for a long time and we highly recommend the services of him and his staff. He is always friendly and approachable.”

“Brian is a knowledgeable and very competent and trustworthy advisor. He sorted out my complicated investments spread over 3 continents and consolidated them in a tax effective way. He also recycled my debt into a more tax effective environment. I am very pleased with the advice and helpfulness from Brian and all his team. Highly recommended.”

I have known Brian for two years and cannot speak highly enough of Brian on a personal and business level.”

“Nexus are so dedicated to the success of their clients. Their approach to helping business owners maximise their wealth is quite unique. I highly recommend the team to you if you are a business owner looking to turn your hard work into real, lasting wealth.”
Mark Rattigan‎

“Nexus have provided invaluable financial guidance to us over the past 8+ yrs. Thanks Brian Woods and your team.”
Willem Agenbach‎

“10 out of 10 helped us out a great deal!”
Sharon West‎

Independent Survey done by the Beddoes Institute for the AFA (Association of Financial Advisers)

What does Nexus and its team do well?

“He is good at mediating all communication between all parties. He makes sure that we understand everything and that we are happy.”

“Brian has exceptional communication skills and very good product knowledge.”

“He relates well, asks questions about our individual circumstances and explains the recommendations professionally yet in a language that we all understand.”

“He has good communication skills. Understanding of my needs, looking after my situation holistically.”

“Brian has consistently provided me with excellent guidance in areas that I did not understand or realise I needed. Brian has always been approachable and generous with his time. I would highly recommend any of my friends to see him for financial advice.”

“The overall management and performance of our pension/super. All of the Nexus team take a genuine interest in our financial affairs and future plans and their conduct is highly professional.”

“The team have put together a complex business deal with three separate family groups. I don’t know how we would have done it without Brian and his Team.”

“I engaged Brian Woods mainly for succession planning. Brian was very thorough with his assessment and training of the business successors. I received very good feedback from them as well in regards as to their improvement in their confidence going forward. This had a lot to do with closing the deal. He also not only dealt with the individuals that were taking over the business, he also engaged their wives and this I believe made a large difference.”

What are the key strengths of practice?

“I believe Brian and his team are providing us a great service. Their advice and management of our financial affairs is highly valued.”

“Overall I have been very impressed and appreciative of what Brian and his Team have done for our business succession. I enjoy our meetings. We have certainly got to know each other on a personal level of which I am grateful for and Brian has stepped out of the box to help me through some sticky financial situations. My father was a financial adviser and has passed away so I feel that Brain has been like a father figure to me with the advice that he gives me and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

Why did you select Nexus Wealth Management to assist with your financial needs?

“I have known Brian Woods personally for over 30 years and fully trust his advice.”

“For his professional attitude.”

“Brian spoke in simple ways to ensure that I understood everything and at the same time he listened to what I wanted.”

What do you like best about dealing with Nexus Wealth Management?

“Confidence in the recommendations to meet our needs.”

“They are very professional in their approach and the research and qualified answers we get. The staff are very friendly and nothing seems too hard. We are kept well- informed of the progress of our requests that may have come out of our meetings and always being updated.”

“They are very easy to talk to at anytime. They have always recommended quality tax and legal people to deal with, that have been instrumental to our business.”

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