Knowing your WHY can help you act with purpose

People, clients buy WHY you do things and it is critical to attract clients who believe in the same things as what you do. By understanding who your business services and the results that your business generates for your clients, allows you to truly understand your WHY and WHY your business exists. It creates the culture in your business that motivates your clients and employees to stay by your side through the good times and the not so.

  • WHY do you get up in the morning?
  • WHY does your business exist?
  • Do you understand your purpose?
  • What is your cause or belief?
  • What is your vision for the future?
  • What steps do you need to take to achieve that vision?
  • Implications of not understanding and clearly communicating your vision?
  • Who is your business most useful or valuable to?

Many business owners know their unique differentiators, their value proposition and their values, yet are unable to clearly articulate their reason for being. But when a business clearly articulates

their WHY, what they believe and what drives them, the client follows. Its then that the client will build a trusted relationship with that business and go the distance to include your products or brand in their day to day lives.

Without a clear WHY, people will default to the WHAT – the desired outcome. This leads to the constant struggle of setting your business apart from the competition, more often than not in a crowded market.

Remember that the WHY difference is most often found not in what you do, but in how you do it. To build trust, you need authenticity to make sure that your WHY (beliefs) are consistent and work holistically with your HOW (actions) and WHAT (results).

Once you understand and can clearly articulate your WHY, all you need is the discipline to act in ways that support your purpose and the ability to hold yourself accountable. Knowing your direction and using your WHY to help in decision making will allow you to quickly eliminate inconsistencies.

Avoid falling into the trap of focusing on what other businesses in the same market as you are doing. What they are doing may be inconsistent with your WHY which will lead to your business appearing inauthentic. It’s about a promise you make to your clients and employees that no-one else is making, even if you do or sell the same thing as your competitors.

It is important to consistently remind your clients and employees WHY your business exists

and WHY it was founded in the first place. It’s all about defining exactly how you bring your WHY to life and reinforcing the values you put into motion.

Ultimately, it’s about Creating Value, being clear on our priorities and being accountable in a way that is consistent with them.

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“Develop a vision with clarity”

-Brad Fox, AFA CEO




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